What is the Student Motivation Questionnaire?

Benefits of the SMQ
  • An online self-service questionnaire measuring student wellbeing
  • Easy to understand results
  • Measures over time improvement or decline in student wellbeing
  • Identifies which students to refer for counselling with the degree of urgency
  • Identifies which students to refer for additional pastoral support
  • Identifies which students to refer for motivational/academic coaching
  • Easy to use for students and staff
  • No external and costly interpretation of reports
  • Provides information for better resource and time management via accurate targeting of need


SMQ has proved a valuable asset in secondary schools in the UK, South East Asia and the rest of the world over the last ten years.


As an experienced head teacher, I’ve found the SMQ to be an excellent tool for identifying students who need extra support. Everyone knows about the obvious ones but the SMQ spotlights those who may slide under the radar – a great help in ensuring that resources are targeted where they will have impact and that students at risk have the best possible life chances.

Rob Thomas
Executive Headteacher
Trinity All Through School
Lewisham, London