The Student Motivation Questionnaire – the SMQ

Data Protection and Security

The confidentiality and security of your students’ data is paramount. With this in mind, all data is stored on our cloud-based tier-4 servers and the data link between your browser and the SMQ website is a secure encrypted link. We use Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) that is the secure version of HTTP. HTTPS is often used to protect highly confidential online transactions like online banking and online shopping order forms.

Our hosted servers have a high degree of resilience and provide 100 percent availability. After an agreed period of time with yourselves the data is erased and we do not share your data with any third-party organisations. For our research and analytical purposes, personal data is anonymised. This is the process of turning data into a form that does not identify individuals or businesses (schools) and where identification will not take place.

We are fully compliant with the UK’s Data Protection Act and follow best practice of data protection and adhere to strict rules called ‘data protection principles’.